Amazing! 20 Places South Africans Can Visit Without a Visa


1. Antigua & Barbuda
It’s on the edge of the Caribbean and they have a place called Jolly Harbour. Enough said.

2. Argentina
All the steak you could possibly want and you can catch the Jaguares in Super Rugby action.

3. Bahamas

Bahamas by Walter Jackson

You need to be told why to go? Really?

4. Barbados
See number 3…

5. Belize
Forget Australia, this is the visa-free place to be if you like your sea life and coral reefs.

6. Benin

Take a trip across the savannah of this west African minnow.

7. Botswana
It’s just next-door! Go on, pay the neighbours a long-overdue visit.

8. Brazil
Soccer by day, carnival by night down Copacabana beach.

9. Chile
Geography fans unite! Desert in the north, lush valleys in the middle, fjords and glaciers in the south.

10. Colombia

zika mosquito
They’re using mosquitoes to start a war with other mosquitoes to keep you almost definitely safe from the Zika virus.

11. Costa Rica
Do you have environmental tendencies or a desire for eco-tourism? This is your place. They pride themselves on being as green as, erm, gold.

12. Dominica
Not the best island for beaches but volcanoes, hot springs and waterfalls galore.

13. Dominican Republic
Splendid for golf. If that’s your bag.

14. Ecuador
This includes the Galapagos Islands and those super cool tortoises.

15. El Salvador
They’ve had a tough time with some crazy weather, earthquakes and volcanoes. Pick your dates wisely.

16. Fiji
Great climate, great beaches and a great love of rugby. Bingo.

17. Gabon
Off the tourist trail but they do like a national park or two.

18. Georgia


To Europe, just about. Don’t miss beautiful, cultural capital Tblisi.

19. Grenada
The perfect place to top up your spice rack.

20. Guatemala
A dark and troubled history means plenty of archaeological sites for visitors to poke around in.



Written by How South Africa

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