Here Is Why Amarula Have Officially Removed The Elephant From Their Packaging (Photos)

Recently on Facebook Andrew Aveley shared images of the new bottle on his Facebook and the missing image really hit home! The bottle really gets you thinking. Could you imagine a world without any elephants?

‘It takes big balls and a confident company to change the branding of an internationally recognizable product to make a point and stand up against poaching …” – Andrew Aveley

The brand has sent a powerful message that we should all pay attention to. The ivory trade stops with us! We are where it ends, the only way to stop it is to stop the demand. This means that we should not be buying items that contain ivory, even if the person swears it wasn’t poached.

Amarula pledged to remove the elephant symbol from their packaging for World Elephant Day on the 12th of August in solidarity of the war against poaching

Elephant in Water


We should speak out more against poachers and their illegal trade just like Amarula is doing. And when the day is over, have a nice cold glass of Amarula because they support elephant conservation with every bottle purchased!

See the new bottle below.

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