I Am Also Guilty For Where South Africa Is Today – Sisulu

Like Zwelizima Vavi, Presidential hopeful Lindiwe Sisulu has also publicly announced her regrets in making Jacob Zuma President. Lindiwe who was speaking on Thursday morning at a radio interview on a Radio show blamed herself for being part of those who made Zuma’s ascension as president of South Africa a reality.

She said the country is the way it currently is because they believed too much in Zuma and in his personality. “We are in a very difficult period; everybody knows that. I have been part of what has been going on. I take part of the blame of where the country is at and where the ANC is at right now,” Sisulu said on The Eusebius McKaiser Show on Talk Radio 702.

“But I am determined that it is possible to change, and I am putting myself out to make that change possible. Not just it’s possible, that it’s a must. We firmly believed that Jacob Zuma would offer us the solution that we needed because he was the last of the NEC of Oliver Tambo,” se added. Read Also: Mantashe On Calls To Fire Zuma: Even The NEC Is Helpless About Zuma  This echoes Vavi when he said, after Zuma’s recent cabinet reshuffle that he regretted being part of those who made Zuma President.

He said himself, like every other well-meaning South African who confidently voted for Zuma, is disappointed by Zuma’s self-centred acts and that it gives him sleepless nights. “…we pinch ourselves asking why did we do that? Up to this time, there is no answer to that except that maybe we were too angry with President Mbeki…” Lindiwe Sisulu on her own part said she also took responsibility for supporting President Jacob Zuma at the ANC’s seminal national conference in 2007 in Polokwane and that she was an ardent supporter of his presidency. “We should all take responsibility for the fact that President Zuma is still the president of the country.

I don’t know why we would want to segregate it down to individuals. I have taken responsibility, particularly because I was part of the factions that went to Polokwane in 2007,” she said as she explained how much backed Zuma’s campaign bid to succeed former President Thabo Mbeki as the next leader of the governing party, and ultimately the country, because she believed it was “untenable” for Mbeki to seek a third term as ANC president.

“We firmly believed that Jacob Zuma would offer us the solution that we needed because he was the last of the NEC [national executive committee] of Oliver Tambo. He had the necessary background to understanding the ANC, and we thought we would be there to assist to take the country out of the problems that it had, ” she said.

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