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Almost 30000 Ex-patriot South Africans Took Time to Vote this Weekend

Although voting for South African citizens living in South Africa takes place on the 8th of May, South Africans living overseas were able to exercise their right to vote over this past weekend.

The date for ex-patriot voters coincided with Freedom Day, which commemorates the day that democratic voting commenced for SA in 1994.

South Africans celebrated 25 years of democracy on Freedom Day this past weekend.

This year, almost 30 000 South Africans living abroad voted, Good Things Guy reported.



The process of voting for ex-patriots was adjusted this year and therefore allowed thousands to flock to high commissions, embassies and consulates-general around the globe.

The Electoral Commission explained that:

“The voters who received approval to vote overseas are required to visit the mission indicated on their application and take with them their South African ID document (either a green barcoded ID, a smartcard ID or a valid temporary ID certificate) and their valid passport. This year the voting process has been simplified, and they will no longer be required to complete a special vote application form before voting.”

We discovered that the top places abroad where the most South Africans voted were London, with 9 084 voters, Dubai, with 1 542, The Hague, with 1 355, 1195 in Canberra and Abu Dhabi with 1061.

Chief Electoral Officer, Sy Mamabolo, described the voting for ex-patriot South Africans as a happy occasion.

“No logistical problems have been reported, and all South Africans are jovial at having been given this opportunity to cast their ballots,” Mamabolo said.



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