Alleged Westbury Gang Member Arraigned For Murder at Funeral

man sent to 22years imprisonment for rape

An alleged gang member accused of shooting a man dead at a funeral in Westbury, Johannesburg briefly appeared in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Gavin Boeta Naidoo faces charges of murder and possession of drugs.

Magistrate S Vele read him his rights and explained the consequences if he was convicted of the offenses he was charged with. Vele also advised him that he had the right to apply for his release on bail – something which he needed to consult his lawyer about.

He chose to be represented by a lawyer from the South African Legal Aid Board.

Anti-Gang and Drug Unit

The Anti-Gang and Drug Unit arrested Naidoo in Westbury last Friday morning.

He was wanted in connection with the death of Elton Smith, aged 24, who was shot dead while attending a funeral in June last year. Smith died on the scene.

It is believed that Smith’s killing is related to gang violence in Westbury.

Naidoo, who is allegedly linked to a gang in the area, is expected back in court on January 14.

Last month, the Anti-Gang and Drug Unit arrested a 25-year-old suspect in Westbury for possession of drugs worth more than R100 000 following an “intensive intelligence-driven operation”.

The unit was deployed in Westbury to reinforce the various units responsible for finding and arresting drug dealers and gangsters in the area.

President Cyril Ramaphosa launched the unit in Hanover Park on November 2 after Heather Petersen was killed in a shootout between rival gangs in Westbury.


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