Alcohol Ban: Cape Town Store Attacked! Liquors Stolen

Its been barely a day since President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the ban on the sale of liquor, however, thieves broke into a bottle store in Cape Town and helped themselves to their drink of choice.

“They basically emptied the whiskies out,” Mark Kallend, owner of OK Liquor in Bothasig, told reporters of the theft in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

“They ripped the safety gate off with their vehicle… they tied a rope around it and yanked it off. They then threw a boulder through the window.”

Images showed the store in disarray, with bottles of whisky on the floor and puddles of liquor in the aisle.

Bottles of wine and brandy nearby were left untouched.

“It just shows people are desperate for alcohol and they are going to take what they can, when they can,” Kallend said.


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