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AKA & Vth Season’s Fight Over Money: These 5 Stunning Revelations Just Emerged

Disclosures From AKA and Vth Season Beef Over Money! Clearly connections can without much of a stretch go south when cash turns into a factor. This isn’t far-removed from AKA and Raphael Benza who were once close partners and drawing a great many successes from their joint effort.

While it’s open information that AKA and Vth Season are not any more a thing, whats stunning is the degree of which the relationship has weakened. See our rundown of 5 Shocking Revelations From AKA and Vth Season Beef Over Money

1. As of Monday, 30 October 2017, Mr Raphael Benza of Vth Season officially submitted a complaint with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) against Mr Prince Nyembe of Beam Group, a company which manages the business of an artist formerly managed by Vth Season, Kiernan Forbes

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2. The submitted complaint is with regards to hateful, injurious and xenophobic comments made by Nyembe on email to Benza on several occasions during recent communication between Vth Season and Forbes regarding monies owed by Forbes to Vth Season.

3. In the course of these communications, and on 24 October 2017, Nyembe sent an email to Benza which read: “And your clever? your just a criminal that’s all .left your shit country to come take advantage of our talented people!! go home !!you don’t belong here .” (sic).

4. On 27 October 2017, Nyembe repeated his comments about Benza not belonging in South Africa when he stated the following in an email: “I can’t believe I’m still getting emails from you. I thought you had left SA and gone back home by now!”

5. AKA is said to have been copied in  both e-mails. Regrettably, Forbes never distanced himself from the hateful, injurious and xenophobic comments made by Nyembe

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