Ahmed Kathrada’s Nephew and Grandnephew killed During Attempted Robbery

The nephew of late struggle stalwart Ahmed Kathrada and his son, who was a Muslim cleric, were shot after an attempted house robbery in Schweizer-Reneke in the North West on Thursday night.

“Everybody is in a state of shock,” said Ahmed Kathrada Foundation spokesperson Neeshan Balton, who was on his way to the small town for the funeral later on Friday.

Sixty-five-year old Yunus Kathrada, and his 28-year-old son, also Ahmed, were killed in the robbery in Schweizer-Reneke – the late anti-apartheid veteran’s birthplace.

Police Sergeant Kelebogile Moleko said the cleric had just returned home at 21:00 and was opening the security gate when two people attacked him.

“They shot him in the chest,” said Moleko.

His mother Feroza screamed inside the house and her husband tried to run after the attackers.

“The other suspect shot him in his head and he died on the scene,” she said.

Kathrada’s grandnephew died in hospital.

His mother was treated for shock.

“The police are working so hard,” Moleko said, referring to the investigation to track down the killers.

Their assailants were not able to take anything after Kathrada senior confronted them, but will face two charges of murder and one of attempted robbery if apprehended.

Absolutely devastated by the murders of Ml. Ahmed Kathrada & his father. We lose good citizens daily due to crime.

ALLAH protect us all.


Written by How South Africa

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