Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow Apologize For Homophobic Tweet Furore

Afrikaans rapper Jack Parow has made a statement following outrage over an offensive meme posted on his Twitter account.

The picture utilized compared the Jonas siblings to Parow brandy. Next to the photo of the Jonas siblings was “moffies” (an offensive Afrikaans slur used to describe gay men) and next to the brandy the words “die manne” (the men).

The meme was captioned with: “fokkit. this needs no caption. [sic]” (Read more here)

Jack has released a statement to The Juice regarding the post.

“I would like to sincerely apologise for yesterday’s post on social media. My social media manager created and posted a meme that is very offensive and it is the silly season and my manager being on leave I personally did not have the time to look at it properly before it was posted,” Parow said in his statement.

He added: “My management is busy dealing with the social team accordingly. This does not mean to say that I am trying to shift blame. I take full responsibility for it and I am truly, truly sorry. I do not condone hate speech or homophobic slurs in any way and it truly makes me sad that it now looks like that.

“I have many friends and family in the gay community and I completely understand the struggles they have gone through. I truly am deep, deeply sorry.”


Written by How South Africa

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