A Woman Claims To Be Beyonce’s Mother [Watch]

American pop star Beyonce is actually a Durban Zulu, and her real name is Busisiwe.

So claims a woman purporting to be her real mother in a video in which she urges the singer to come back home.

According to the video, Busisiwe was adopted in 1984 in a Durban hotel by an American couple who later changed the baby’s name to Beyonce. Her “biological” mother is now urging Busisiwe to return home so that she can join the fight to have Jacob Zuma removed from office.

Some claim that the video (see below) is proof of the potency of Durban Poison. Others say the woman in the video is a comedienne. We agree on both counts and pay tribute to this lunacy with.


Beyonce Knowles

Is a pop princess

She’s a singer, she’s a dancer

She’s in a state of undress

She moves in FORMATION

She drives her fans wild

Some call her Irreplaceable

She’s Destiny’s Child

But Beyonce …

Or Bey as her fans like to call her

Harbours a dark secret:

South Africa exported her.

Don’t act all surprised

It’s been rumoured for a while

Some claim they saw the Mzansi

In her Run The World dance style

You see, in 1984

In a country gone crazy

A waitress told Matt and Tina Knowles:

“Here’s my baby”.

They asked her no questions

They fled KZN

They took her to Houston, Texas

And then …

Well, the rest is history

Her name is everywhere

Only, it’s not really Beyonce

It’s actually Busisiwe!


Source – iol


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