A Lifeless Body Recovered After KZN Flash Floods

Authorities on Monday recovered the lifeless body of a man following severe flash flooding in Durban on Sunday.

The police’s search and rescue unit and other services resumed their search on Monday morning after three people went missing north of Durban in the Blackburn Village and Everest Heights area in Verulam.

The subsiding of water levels and the assistance of a drone located a vehicle 500m downstream, with only two tyres protruding above the water.

Following a dive operation, the body of the man, 28, was recovered from inside the submerged vehicle.

Divers had to force their way through a window to gain access to the body as the doors were embedded in the sand below.

The searches were called off on Sunday due to the heavy current and poor lighting.

It is also thought that two men were swept away after they were washed off a bridge in Mhlasini in Everest Heights, Verulam, on Sunday.

Private security company Reaction Unit SA reported that they were contacted by a local councillor around 20:47 after witnessing the men being washed off the bridge during a heavy down pour.


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