A Lecturer In UCT Who “Thought Of Abusing His Two-Year-Old” Placed On Medical Leave

The engineering department lecturer’s posts angered social media users when he called women ”trash” along with their parents. Vice-chancellor, Mamokgethi Phakeng said management took a decision to not suspend him but to place him on medical leave.

A University of Cape Town (UCT) lecturer who attacked women in a Facebook post for using the popular slogan ”men are trash” has been placed on medical leave

Phakeng, in a letter, addressed to students and staff, said: ”Following the presuspension meeting and the representations made, we considered all the information that was presented. We took the decision to proceed with the preliminary investigation into the entire matter with urgency. We also took the decision not to suspend the staff member, but to place him on a compulsory leave of absence on medical grounds.

“We further determined that the necessary interventions will be made available to support him.

”We want to assure staff, students and parents that we are urgently acting on this matter because we recognise its importance. We continuously strive for and remain committed to, creating and maintaining a climate on campus that is aligned with the values of UCT, which includes upholding the dignity of all people. The lecturer has the right to a fair process, and we will ensure that relevant labour legislation is followed meticulously.”

Social media users called for the lecturer’s head after his Tuesday post surfaced.

Part of the post read: ”I was not there when your mom attracted your trash dad. For some of you, trash attraction runs in the family. Learn your history, the check is it [sic] not your lineage to attract trash. Slaughter a goat sis warm [sister].”

He further stated that people who raped suffered from depression, and that when he was depressed, he wanted to harm his own two-year-old child, as he ”saw nothing with her, no love”.


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