Black Coffee Insists He’s Not Going To Apologise For Albinism Clap Back

Black Coffee has responded to criticism of his use of the term “albino” during an argument with a tweep over being a trending topic.

Last week, the “Drive” hitmaker sarcastically asked what was on the agenda for the day since his frequently ends up being the topic of conversation of the microblogging website.

He said: “Let’s play Twitter, who’s trending today, who’s falling, who are we trolling, whose marriage are we having opinions on, who’s trash who’s not, who are we cancelling, like God who are we judging, whose relationship is falling apart while ours is perfect, who’s not perfect. Let’s all laugh at him.”

Following this, a tweep jumped into his mentions and told him he was taking Twitter way too seriously and that users should be allowed to have a laugh at other people’s expense whenever they felt like it. The user even went on to ask Coffee if he missed Enhle.

Coffee responded: “Laugh at what exactly? Looking at your account, would you laugh when people make jokes about your kid being albino?”

The “Superman” producer received criticism on Twitter for calling her child an albino as it’s a derogatory term for people who have albinism.

In response, Coffee said people made fun of his family and disability. He added that people poked fun at his arm after his accident and that he had to turn the other cheek when the tables were turned.

He ended his post by saying he didn’t understand why he should apologise for his question and that everyone was full of s***.


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