9 Smartphone Applications That Makes Life Easy

Now, our mobile devices seem to have taken over by putting everything on our fingertips.

However, the thing is, if you don’t know how these things work or how to configure your phone properly, it just becomes a white elephant.

There are millions of things your smartphone can do but until you understand how to configure it to achieve the best performance, you will never get the best out of it.

Here are 9 phone settings that will make your life way easier.

1. Leaving A Message On Your Lock Screen.

Just in case you misplaced your phone and you have a lock on it and it happens to get in good hands, how do they get it back to you? Simple, leave a message on the lock screen such as your contact details so they can get in touch with you.

To do this, go to settings, lock screen and security, lock screen signature and write either your number or email there and that does it.

2. Using Anti-Theft Settings To Find Your MissingPhone.

If your phone is stolen or misplaced or missing, you can do a lot with it so far as you’re the sole owner of the phone. You can block the phone, take pictures of the person who has it, call it, locate it by GPS or even shut it down completely such that the person cannot use it or you can even blow alarm with the phone from your computer.

With your Google account, you can do more than you expected. When your phone is stolen, just go to Google and type, “Find My Phone” and it will detect the type of phone you use and ask you to sign in for security reasons and when you sign in, you can locate the phone, block it or erase all your data on it.

Location, however, must be turned on for you to be able to detect the current location of the phone.

3. Saving Storage Space On Your Phone.

Well we know if you’re out of space on your phone, you’re likely to either get a phone with a larger memory space or buy a memory card to expand the memory or even use a cloud app but did you know you can actually store things on your Telegram app? Yes! you can.

All you need to do is upload all your files and folder to Telegram. The Telegram app allows you to send files and folders to yourself and you can even use it as a notepad to jot down ideas. Sending files and folders to yourself on Telegram does not save on your phone’s memory, it is stored in the database of Telegram.

4. Using Your Smartphone As A CCTV Camera.

If you have an old phone with a camera, you can actually use it as a CCTV camera at home by installing an app that takes pictures when it detects movement and sends to your phone, wherever you are.

5. Using Your Smartphone As A UV Light.

If you want to detect fake notes, you will need a UV Light and in case you didn’t know, you can achieve the same purpose with your smartphone and wouldn’t need to go buy a special UV light.

To achieve this, get a piece of plain tape and stick it onto the camera flashlight and with the help of a blue marker, paint it blue, add another plain tape and paint that purple and then add two more layers the same way and put the flashlight on and there you have it, you have your UV Light.

6. Using Your Smartphone As A Construction Level.

Just download an app from the PlayStore and it’ll allow you to use your phone as a construction level. However, this is to be used for basic constructions at home. For high-level construction works, you will need professional tools to execute the job as your phone cannot be long enough to give you the accuracy.

7. Access To A Magic Menu.

To improve the overall performance, signal reception quality and system appearance, you need to put your smartphone in the developer’s mode and to do that, you need to go to settings, about the phone and tap 7 times on the Build Number and this will enable developer mode under settings and you can do all the above easily.

8. Check Your Smartphone Addiction.

If you have people complaining that you’re addicted to your smartphone, then it is time to check your stats on that and there is an app for it. If you’re using an iOS device, simply go to settings, then to battery and then tap the little clock icon to the side of the “Last 7 Days” button and a list of your most used apps will appear.

For android users, you will have to install another app such as Instant and it’ll give you all the stats on your smartphone usage.

9. Using Your Smartphone In Monochrome Mode.

This feature will help you save battery and your eyesight. To change your phone to monochrome mode, you need to be in developer mode and then after go to the magical menu and go to anomaly and switch on Monochrome mode and your phone will work in black and white.

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