9 Disastrous Fashion Trends That Should Be Buried For Sanity Sake

1. Shoulder pads

When you see fashion from the ‘80s, there’s likely one thing that stands out the most – those crazy shoulder pads. Every garment, from blazers to dresses, got some extra padding because why wouldn’t you want your shoulders to look bigger, and your silhouette to look just a little bit more square? A lot of designers have done great things with architectural silhouettes, but for 2017, it seems that it’s a straight up shoulder pad revival that’s coming back. The runways were an endless parade of garments with that telltale padding in the shoulders, so if you’ve ever dreamed of living in the 80s and rocking that era’s trademark padded garments, you’re in luck – 2017 is your year to indulge in as many shoulder pads as your shoulders can handle. It’s certainly a more forgiving silhouette than skin-tight, bodycon dresses, but still – it takes a certain amount of confidence to pull off that level of padding.

2. Romp-hims

Many women absolutely adore rompers. Sure, they have a bit of a youthful quality to them, but if you get an elegant cut and fabric, they can be surprisingly chic. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your skirt blowing up on a windy day, which can be a plus. However, they’ve always been a fashion item meant for women – until 2017. There are a lot of clothing options on the market that are unisex, but the romp-him craze is another issue. Now, this trend is isolated to certain groups of men, it seems — the RompHim Kickstarter campaign earned hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you don’t exactly see them on random guys on the street yet. However, who knows – maybe 2017 is the year that trendsetters take up the romphim, while 2018 is when you’ll see half the guys out there rocking the summer staple to placed other than Coachella.

3. Detachable jeans

From teeny denim shorts to full jeans to denim jackets and skirts, there’s pretty much no article of clothing that you can’t make out of denim. It’s a great fabric that people love wearing. However, perhaps it’s best to stick to one category – that is, unless you want to get in on this crazy 2017 trend. The brand Opening Ceremony came up with an insane pair of jean-shorts that are, well, literally what they sound like – they look like awful jeans, and the legs can be detached to create awful shorts (although they’re more like denim panties, really, because man are those ever short). We can imagine only devoted trend-followers would get in on this trend because, well, it’s just kind of bizarre. It seems like it would be far easier to just buy a pair of jeans and a pair of denim shorts and call it a day.

4. Phone case bags

Many women know the struggle of small bags. With a larger purse or tote, you can toss in basically anything you might ever need – which can lead to some heavy, heavy bags. However, while a smaller bag won’t be quite as painful to lug around, they do have one downside – you often find yourself trying to engineer a way to squeeze all your essentials into a teeny, tiny clutch. Well, fashion has a new trend for you that will definitely have you rolling your eyes – the phone case bag. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like – a bag so small that it only holds your phone. No extra cash or tube of lipstick or anything. Just the phone. It just seems so useless – why not just get a phone case that you can tuck a few cards into and call it a day? And yet, you know that fashionistas around the world will be carrying around their phone case bags with pride.

5. Underboob

Okay, it’s kind of hard to call a part of the body a ‘trend,’ but it is what it is. Over the years, there have been times when certain necklines were more in style, times when it was chic to cover up your chest almost entirely but show off your entire back, etc. It’s all a matter of keeping things interesting and playing around with cuts and dimensions. This year, it seems one of the biggest trends actually focuses on something that was formerly thought to be a bit of a faux pas – underboob. Rather than flaunting cleavage in the traditional way, many starlets on the red carpet have opted to amp up the risqué factor of their garments by showing some serious underboob. Quite frankly, it still kind of seems like a mistake, like they simply didn’t pull their shirts down enough to cover everything, but hey – it’s definitely a change of pace.

6. Full-on matching tracksuits

This is yet another example of fashion’s cyclical nature. It may seem like certain trends are out of style forever, but eventually, most of them cycle back – so it may be time to start digging some vintage pieces out of your closet. You may remember the time a while back when every celebrity and stylish character on television rocked those Juicy Couture matching tracksuits, the ones in pastel shades and velour material with cheeky words emblazoned across them. You may have thought that trend was done forever, that tracksuits should be clothing you only wear in the house when you want to be comfy, but it seems that they’re trending once again. I mean, as far as trends go, one that allows you to be super comfy all day is definitely one we’re more willing to get on board with. Luckily, the styles trending in 2017 don’t seem to include as much bedazzling and sequins as the tracksuits of the past.

7. Crocs

When Crocs first hit the market, they divided a lot of people. Sure, they were supremely comfortable and great if you were on your feet for long stretches of time. However, at the same time, they certainly weren’t the most chic footwear option. In fact, they were an item that fashionistas would be mortified to admit they even owned, even if it was just to wear in the comfort of their own home. It seems, though, that the fashion world is trying to bring it back. Vogue listed Crocs as one of their trends to watch in 2017, primarily because designer Christopher Kane sent models down the runway with Crocs on their feet rather than sky high heels. To be honest, we’re not totally convinced, but who knows – many footwear trends tend to be more fashionable than comfortable, so maybe the world will embrace having feet that aren’t screaming in pain by halfway through the day.

8. Long, long, long sleeves

There are many fashion trends that debut on the runways which simply don’t seem practical for everyday life. Whether it’s a garment you can’t really walk in, or shoes that are so high you wouldn’t be able to wear them for more than a block or two, designers often prize beauty over practicality. This trend takes that to a whole new level. Look, there’s nothing wrong with a sleeve that’s a little bit longer – but the sleeve length trending in 2017 is long, long, long sleeves. As in, sleeves that make it impossible to do just about anything because you can’t really use your hands because everything is just sleeve. And you thought the trend of slightly baggier sleeves was a nightmare? Just wait until you try on a top with this trend – you’ll be dragging your sleeves and getting them caught in things and it just sounds like an utter nightmare.

9. Two-faced shoes


Okay, many people are willing to go a bit more trendy and fashion-forward with their footwear, because a bold shoe can really liven up an otherwise neutral outfit, but this trend might be taking things too far. At first glance, when these shoes by the label hood by air came down the runway earlier this year, you may have blinked and assumed you were seeing things incorrectly. Well, you weren’t. For whatever reason, they’ve decided it would be a good idea to take a regular boot and add another boot to the back of it. So, it looks like you have two feet on each leg. We’re not entirely sure what the appeal of this trend is at all because, well, it’s just bizarre. I mean, you’re getting four shoes for the price of two, so maybe it’s just because it seems like a bargain?


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