8 Ways To Spot An Emotionally Unavailable Guy

Having someone you like being emotionally unavailable could be one of the most frustrating issues ever. Being out of touch with your feelings is one of the coping strategies used by humans to adapt after an unfavorable situation occurs.


A man who is emotionally unavailable may have experienced hurt, rejection, that feeling of not being good enough and no one can save him except himself, not even the next person he falls in-love with. He’ll be withholding so much and such relationships leads to nowhere. It’s not you this time, it’s totally all on him.

Here are 8 ways to know if a guy is emotionally unavailable:

1. An emotionally unavailable guy leaves the ugly truth behind him, his insecurities, he never talks about his past. He had to overcome with his ‘relationship demons’ before he can feel something again.

2. Even when they say the truth, they never do anything to change their current situation. The choice to change lies with him.

3. They are very good at accessing people, never take time to connect with people just for fun.

4. An emotionally unavailable guy loves perfection. It fills that void of pain and insecurity they face as a result of past rejections

An emotionally unavailable manAn emotionally unavailable man

5. They love the word ‘me’ than ‘us’. Pretty selfish because they don’t want to be vulnerable to others.

6. They withdraw as a coping strategy which makes them pretty much unavailable to even the people they love.

7. They don’t follow the natural pattern of a relationship, they avoid being open by jumping into sex as quickly as possible and avoid avoid other forms of intimacy.

8. They let others take the blame when a relationship fails.

source: pulse.ng


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