Here are 8 Things that, Probably, Hold You Back From Finding Love


If you’ve spent quite a while in the land of singleness and you would love to find love, but every time you meet someone, something just doesn’t work out and you ask yourself the question: “Will I ever find love?”…Then, I have some tips for you today that might be helpful. There are, probably, some things you are unconsciously doing, that might prevent you from finding love…Let’s look at some of them today:

1) Lack of self love

Well, often, we severely criticize ourselves through our inner talk and try to find various faults and flaws in our looks, behavior or in our life in general. This is not how you will attract love and happy relationship into your life. First of all, you need to learn to love and accept yourself fully and completely, no matter what; because if you don’t like/love yourself, who else can fall in love with you?

2) Low self esteem and lack of self confidence

Often, we consider ourselves unworthy of love, because we, as previously mentioned, criticize ourselves inside. Self confidence and healthy self esteem bloom out of self love and self acceptance. In other words, in order to find love, you need to learn to believe that your are worthy of reciprocal love. You are worthy to love and to be loved back!

3) Fear of rejection 

Previous bad, unhealthy and unhappy relationships can cause the fear of rejection. Often, people who’ve been hurt in the past tend to close their heart to love and carry the fear of being rejected inside them all the time. Let go of the past and don’t compare every guy that shows up in your life with your ex…Open up your heart to love, so that you will hear it’s call, when it knocks the door of your life…

4) Shyness

Being shy can, actually, be a positive thing, on my opinion. Timidity can be charming, attractive and, even, cute. But sometimes, being overly shy can hold you back from finding love, therefore, work on your shyness. A healthy dose of  timidity never hurts, but when your chance comes along – don’t second guess, go and seize the opportunity!

5) Thinking about your ex

Past is behind you. Your ex is the part of your past. If you want to find new love, you need to let go of the past and open up your eyes and your heart to new opportunities. If you want to be happy and build up new, beautiful and happy relationship with someone, you need to forget the past and stop thinking about your ex.

6) Being desperate and unhappy

Men, usually, can feel desperation from far away…they can feel when a woman is desperately looking for someone and this, definitely, doesn’t attract them to you, on the contrary, desperation repels guys! Audrey Hepburn, once, said that “happy girls are the prettiest”, it’s so true! Cultivate inner happiness and find reasons to be grateful for; if you nourish your heart with happiness and your mind – with positivity,  you will see how easily and quickly new people will start showing up in your life. Happiness is contagious, attractive and beautiful!

7) Passively waiting

Well, we’ve already talked about desperation, but being inactive and passively waiting, till the prince charming knocks your door, isn’t good either. You need to take action, when your inner voice tells you to do so. If, for example, three girl friends of yours have met their love through online dating sites and you feel that it could happen for you too, but you are too shy or too afraid to put your picture out there, then, throw away these illusional obstacles and sign up for that dating website! Or, if you don’t like online dating, visit places, where you, potentially, might meet the person of your dreams.

8) Not knowing what you want

And finally, when you’ve already fallen in love with yourself, you feel happy and confident and you are on a dating website, you need to know what type of man do you really want. Being unaware of your desires can, definitely, be holding you back from finding love. Take a sheet of paper and a pen, sit down in a quiet place for about 20 minutes and write down the answer to the question: “How would I describe my ideal man?”…After, you’ve found out what qualities and values are important for you, it will be a lot easier to filter out all Mr Wrongs. ?

I hope the above tips will help you find your love…

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