Here are 8 Indulgent Quick and Easy Saturday Eats

Mushroom and tomato mini pizzas

Saturday is a busy day for many people – often times you’ll find yourself having to entertain a group of family/ friends or you’ll need some tasty easy-to-make light meals or snacks to enjoy during the day.

If you happen to find yourself in any of these scenarios, rest assured, we’ve got you covered!

Other than the routine breakfast, lunch and supper your family will enjoy some weekend snacks like these stuffed baked sweet potatoes and if you’re entertaining we’ve got some delicious additions to the feast you’ve probably prepared.

Monkey gland rump kebabs

Beef burgers

Mushroom, Cheddar and corn wraps

Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken with Parmesan cream

Chicken salad with bacon-wrapped greens

Light and tasty cucumber beef rolls

Mushroom and tomato mini pizzas

Crumbed chicken salad

Grilled brown mushrooms

Oyster sauce chicken spring rolls

Salt and pepper calamari



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