8 Beauty Hacks You Should Know

Beauty Tips
Beauty Tips

1 Rubbing your eyes. Continuously rubbing your eyes can contribute to dark circles, cause eye infections and intensify the itching sensation. Either rely on your eye’s natural defense against infection – tears, which contain lysozymes – or use eye drops or a soothing eye wash.

2 Washing your face with hot water. It is a common misconception that you should wash your face with hot water, then use cold water for your final rinse. Exposing your face to varying temperatures can cause dryness and irritation. Keep your skin happy by sticking to one temperature when you wash your face: either cold or lukewarm water.

3 Drinking through a straw. Continuously drinking through a straw or straight from water bottles will eventually form deep wrinkles around the mouth. Stick to a glass, cup or mug instead.

4 Sleeping with cotton pillows. Pressing your skin against a pillow while you sleep can cause wrinkles. Pillowcases accumulate a build-up of bacteria and residue from your scalp, causing acne. Swap your cotton pillowcases for a silk or satin one and wash your pillowcases regularly.

5 Washing your face with full makeup on. For your skin to be clean and clear, remove makeup before you wash your face. Be sure never to use expired makeup, which can cause skin infections and breakouts.

6 Rubbing your face dry. Regularly rubbing your face with a towel after washing will eventually cause the skin to lose elasticity, and can also cause wrinkles and irritation in the long term. Pat your face dry instead. Try using a clean face cloth each time you dry your face to avoid the spread of bacteria.

7 Using your mobile phone. While boiling water kills bacteria, bacteria grows faster in heat. The heat generated by your mobile phone is the perfect environment for dirt, bacteria and germ to breed. Failing to clean your mobile phone regularly can cause skin rashes and could even make you ill. Simply wipe your phone with anti-bacterial wipes every few days, or as often as you can.

Beauty Tips

8 Washing your hair too often. No matter the price tag, shampoos and conditioners strip the hair of its natural oils. Shampooing your hair too frequently can result in dandruff and breakage.


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