The Many Benefits Of Social Media

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It’s my first time here and I am excited that you are reading me! A lot is happening on the internet; the good, the bad and the ugly I would say.

Have you noticed that Nigerians are waking up to embracing the internet more than ever before? This is due to globalisation trends and the adventure of curiosity.

Since about over 83 million of us have access to the internet now, it is only smart for a business owner, student, young graduate, politician, women in leadership and even elder statesmen to take their online accounts more seriously using it to maximise their impact.

They are lots of ways that Nigerians have not started using the internet yet. We shall look at two ways briefly and analyse how that can help anyone create a fantastic business.

First, older Nigerians can use social media to mentor younger ones.

The trend now especially on Twitter is that more of renowned consultants dish out helpful tips to their fans on various subject matters especially life skills and relationships/marriage but let’s for a moment imagine a Nigerian over 55 years of age using his platform to deliberately reach out to a target group with an aim to building better, more empowered citizens.

You may ask “Are people in those age range interested in Social media or know how to use it?” and I will recommend, they learn if they can or better still employ a younger social media assistant who post their content to engage their audiences. Yet again, some young Nigerian have become employed and an elder stateman is gracefully turning in his wealth of knowledge mostly archived in large printed libraries to online data that will impart generations unborn for millennials ahead. With little effort, the elder would become acknowledged as a mentor extraordinaire and major contributor to the capacity of the active population and thus leaving a legacy.

This may be one way a ‘retired but not tired’ Nigerian can get busy, enjoy a new fulfillment while giving back to the society and a country he so embodies and loves.

Second way, we need to adopt Social Media is for Educational Services! I was so excited when I discovered that I had on my BBM contact, a man who sets English language questions and Broadcasts it for us to answer. They are usually in the “fill in the gaps” format. I played student twice and received my scores appropriately and was so excited. I felt like I was back in school and it helped me exercise my brain too. The second time for instance, I got 2 of my answers wrongly out of 5 and even as an English language graduate and someone who ‘trades’ majorly in that language, that exercise helped me revisit my language muse. So imagine a social media school for Maths, and other such subjects. The individuals will sure make a living doing so. There are lots of Apps and online forums we join which are mostly products students in developed countries. Looking at the comatose on our educational sector, there is no better time to adopt Social media for education.

Social media will further evolve in 2016, are you ready to embrace it? As digital media and ICT is developing, more offline jobs will be automated leading to even less available jobs. Will you be crying foul then when you can embrace this development and fit your business model/ or idea into it?

Let’s fix our ideas to be globally appealling by adopting a social media model that best works for us.

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