7 Weekend-Away Essentials In South Africa

Happy mixed racial group of girl friends driving on a summer road trip

7 Weekend-Away Essentials

You’ve booked your leave months in advance, the car is filled with petrol and you’re ridiculously psyched that you’re finally getting a holiday. Don’t screw it up by forgetting literally everything you need and having to borrow stuff from your friends all weekend. Follow our packing guide and you’re guaranteed to have the world’s most relaxing, fun-packed trip.

1 Layers
And more layers. This is SA and the weather can be, well, unpredictable. Even if you’re travelling in the middle of summer, be prepared for any and all weather possibilities. This means your fave cardigan, leather jacket, denim jacket and plenty of easy-to-layer tops that you can throw together and peel off as the sun heats up.

2 Hydro Silk® Razor
There’s nothing worse than travelling in the summer and forgetting your razor. It’s bikini season, so keep it handy for quick tidy-ups and a guaranteed smooth, soft shave.

3 ALL the chargers
Even the ones you don’t think you’ll need. Bring them all. Trust us. And bring spares.

4 Awesome music
Mini portable speakers are awesome for weekends away with friends – they travel easily and can be hooked up to blast all of your favourite tunes. Make a playlist in advance so your summer soundtrack is packed full of the best sounds.

5 Killer heels
Even if you’re planning on keeping things low-key or hiding away in the woods, you never know what turn your vacation could take. Come ready with your hottest heels so you can throw them on with a cute dress and instantly transition to night.

6 Easy makeup
You’re not going to want to spend hours working on your face when you’ve got an amazing holiday to enjoy, so pack beauty products that have multiple uses. BB creams contain SPF to protect skin and give you a gorgeous glow, and dry shampoos are a life-saver for creating texture and keeping your hair fresh if you don’t have frequent access to a shower. Keep it simple.

7 Speaking of SPF…
Don’t forget the sunscreen. You know you need it – just don’t forget it.


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