7 Ways To Style That Pleated Skirt In Your Closet

Pleated outfits are a no-go zone for most people but it’s about time.

Pleated outfits are quite difficult to style especially if you are a simple-look type of girl. However, be it a dress or a skirt, pleated outfits can turn out to be cute with the right styling.

Here are ways to style pleated outfits:

1. Pair with some cute stiletto heels.

Pleated skirts and cute heels complement each other quite well. You can wear this combination to a church service or to the office.

with heels



2. Of sweaters and pleated skirts.

This is a difficult look to pull but you can always try. Wear this to a brunch with your friends. You got to test the limits of your boldness, right?

with sweater



3. Floral pleated skirt.

Wear something plain if you are wearing floral prints to avoid looking ‘busy’.

african skirt



4. The maxi skirt.

Maxi skirts are easy to style, and this is one outfit you should have in your closet, if you’re shy of the smaller pleats, you could go for this type of gathers.

pleated skirts



5. The metallic pleated skirt.

Wear dark colors if you are doing metallic outfits. This way, your outfit will look sortabalanced out.

pleated skirt



6. Another pleated maxi skirt.

You can wear this outfit for a holiday; and especially to the beach.

maxi skirt



7. Pair with a white shirt.

You can wear this combination to your office, and still maintain a stylish look.

pleated skirt

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