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7 Simple Ways To Get A Flatter Belly

Are you looking for an easy way to make your stomach flat again? Here is what you have been looking for. You can make your stomach flatter and even faster by following the following seven easy ways steps.
1. Stay hydrated
There’s a reason we’re meant to drink eight glasses of water a day. Not only does it keep your skin clear and hydrated, it also prevents constipation which leads to bloating.
You can also munch on foods with high water content like cucumber, watermelon and grapefruit. Be cautious, continuous bloating could be a hidden sign of liver disease.
2. Add more fibre to your diet
Eating more fibre-enriched foods will actually help beat the bloat as it helps food move through the intestines more quickly.
Think about adding kiwi, berries, avocado, lentils, pears and beans to your shopping list.
3. Put down the salt
As good as it tastes on hot chips, too much salt causes fluid buildup which makes your heart work harder, leaving you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. So opt for a sporadic sprinkle instead of having salt as a staple in your diet.
4. Switch to a vodka soda
Alcohol causes dehydration which leads to water retention and results in you feeling bloated. So when you’re having a few quiet ones after work think about switching to vodka soda to stay hydrated without the queasy stomach.
5. Add some movement to your day
Adding in 15-20 minutes of exercise per day will help keep things moving with ease through your digestive tract and prevent the dreaded bloat.
6. Swap to brown rice sushi Brown rice takes longer to digest than white as it’s a complex carb, meaning it will keep you full without puffing out your stomach. Win-win.
7. Cut down on ‘gassy’ foods
There are many foods to be wary of when it comes to gas and constipation. Cabbage, beans, broccoli, onions, fizzy drinks and some dairy products like soft cheese will cause bloating and leave you feeling uneasy. If you find this happens limit these foods in your diet.

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