7 Reasons Why You’re Farting Too Much


Farting is natural but socially unaccepted. And that’s the reason why most people when fart in a room, try to look as clueless as the one sitting next to them. No one wants to own it, literally! But have you ever wondered why people fart?

1. Did you swallow air?

A lot of us without knowing swallow air into our gastrointestinal tract. It can happen as you speak, eat or drink. When the amount of air trapped in the body is too high, it gets released in the form of farts. Farting isn’t that bad. Is it?

2. Are you a die-hard sweet-lover?

If yes, there’s bad news for you. Sweets contain either faux sugar or the natural ones. Faux sugars cannot be digested by our body; they remain in the gut and ferment. This can make you toot. Even the natural sugars can induce farting.

3. Soda? Bring it on!

If you are amongst the lot who can never say no to soda, you might be very well aware of its after effects – that is flatulence. Drinking carbonated drinks traps the air inside and the fizz then comes out in the form of burp or fart, but stay rest assured that it will come out.

4. Do you have a thing for salads?

When you think of something healthy, salad is first thing that pops in our mind. Isn’t it? But have you ever thought these salubrious veggies, be it broccoli, cabbage or sprouts could be behind your farting? Most likely not. In reality, due to the presence of a type of carbohydrate, these veggies are difficult to digest and thus produce unwanted gas.

5. Do you love radish like anything?

If you love eating radish, you most likely know that it is often accompanied by flatulence. It is among the top vegetables that causes flatulence.

6. Stressed?

Is there any way stress can be good for you? The answer is NO. And now you can add another thing to the list. Yes, it induces farting. Your gut is connected to the network of nerves and a disturbed mind can be one of the reasons behind flatulence.

7. Did you just have a baby?

Nothing shocking. Is it? After all, you just had a watermelon-sized baby come out of your body, turning you into a fart-machine. All we can say is have patience and things will be fine



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