7 Mysterious Places On Earth

There are some seriously spooky places in the world

The world is filled with really mysterious and scary places that will freak you out. No matter how much of a ‘hard guy’ you are, these places will make you want to wet your panties. Here are some of the scariest places on planet earth.

1. The Island Of Dolls, Mexico

The beautiful man-made canals of Xochimico (chinampas), have hundreds of decaying dolls hanging on the trees. Legend has it that the Island of the dolls was created by a caretaker who discovered the corpse of a young girl who had drowned and hung up her washed up doll to pay his respects. He kept adding more dolls to his collection


2. Pluckley village

Pluckley is England’s most haunted village. Rumour has it that it has more than 12 official ghosts in residence – including a Highwayman and a Red lady.


3. Hashima Island, Japan

This place is also known as Battleship Island. It used to be a camp for prisoners of war. It’s believed to be haunted.


4. Catacombs of France, Paris

This is an underground labyrinth filled with bones and skulls.


5. Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

This is the oldest building in South Africa. As a fort and prison, it’s got hundreds of years of history and hauntings behind it. The former Governor,  Pieter van Noodt, is supposedly cursed to roam the castle walls, and a big, black dog is said to greet visitors before disappearing into thin air.


6. Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

The ‘Door to hell’ is located in the middle of the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan. It is a 230-foot-wide crater that never stops burning. When Soviet scientists began searching for oil back in 1971, they accidentally hit a methane reserve and the drilling platform collapsed, forming the crater and releasing dangerous gas into the air. The scientists decided to light the crater on fire to burn off the methane, and the fire is still lit to this day.


7. Hanging coffins of Sagada, Philippines

People in this region don’t bury their dead. They hang their coffins up instead. You’ll find thousands of coffins that are hundreds of years old on the sides of the cliff.


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