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7 C’s of Effective Communication In Business

C's For effective coionmmunicat

Effective communication enables us to have better understanding and connect with the people around us, allows us to build respect, trust, resolve differences and foster environment where problem solving, caring, affection and creative ideas can thrive.

There are four main types of communication: written, verbal, nonverbal and visual.

In business, effective communication is quite crucial.  It is so important that it plays a critical role in product development, customer relations, and employee management . To establish good business communication, it helps to have a blueprint of the 7 C’s of effective communication.

C's For effective coionmmunicat

Below are the 7 C’s of effective business communication


In business it pays to get to the point quickly. Effective business communication uses concise and straightforward language that gets the point across completely and in a manner that encourages efficient action.


Plan your business communication carefully so you get all of the information to your recipient the first time. If you leave out important information in your initial correspondence that will cause a series of problems that will take time to repair.


According to communication coach Ric Phillips, writing on the Evan Carmichael website, it is important to present your information in a conversational tone that invites interaction, rather than a confrontational tone that can cause an argument. Effective communication presents the information in a manner that is not emotional but instead professional.


With a business communication, you sometimes get only one chance to make your point. If your information is misunderstood, you may not have the opportunity to correct it before it escalates into a problem. When you present your information, be sure to do so in a clear voice that allows every word to be understood.


When speaking to business associates or customers, always open the conversation to questions and clarifications. When you finish a statement, allow a moment for the other person to ask a question before you go on to your next part. When you answer a question, be sure the answer is understood before moving on in the conversation.


An air of confidence in your conversation helps add credibility to your information. Present your data with a clear and commanding tone that indicates that you know the subject you are speaking about and that the information being presented is valuable.


Always check your data and facts before giving a business presentation of any kind. You may have useful ideas, but if they are accompanied by incorrect information, the power of your ideas is lost.

Reference: Notedesk


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