7 Body Tricks To Stay Healthy

There are certain things that the human body does that can be nasty. From farting to pooping, the body is known for its gross but necessary functions. The body can also be tricked into not doing somethings if you know it’s pressure points. Here are 7 body tricks that will make your life easier:

1. Stopping a sneeze

Everyone sneezes but sometimes the sneeze can come at an awkward time or you’ve sneezed way too much, you don’t want people looking at you win its tracks, press down on the area between your upper lip and your nose. Voila, no more sneeze.




2. Clear a blocked nostril

Catarrh is stressful af! The stuffy nostrils and all the mucus, yuck! The blocked nostril which is characteristic of the catarrh can be cleared by pushing your tongue onto the roof of your mouth and massaging your glabella (the area between your eyebrows).


3. Heartburn prevention

If you’ve just had a heavy meal late at night and need to go to bed, sleep on your side to prevent heartburn.


4. Soothe tongue burn

You know when you slurp your tea or coffee thinking it’s cool enough to drink but it’s not and you burn your tongue? We’ve got a remedy for that. Simply swish your mouth in cold water to help soothe your poor tongue. Next time, just blow on it first!


5. Cure hiccups

Hiccups seem to always strike at the wrong moments. To get rid of them, simply take a deep breath, don’t exhale, swallow twice and then breath out through your nose.



6. Make pooping easier

Do you know humans are supposed to poop in a squatting position? To make pooping easier if you’re having trouble, get a small stool you can rest your feet on to help you out.




7. Cure anxiety

If you’re anxious for whatever reason, there is a cool trick to help you calm down. Put your thumb in your mouth, close your lips around your thumb, blow air to puff out your cheeks. This will help calm you down as it slows down your heart rate.

mo farah sucking thumb

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