7 Annoying Behaviors Of Food And Nutrition Teachers Back Then In School

Food and Nutrition was one of the easiest subjects back in school.

Many students always preferred cooking (food and nutrition) to farming (Agriculture) and technical drawing. But food and nutrition wasn’t as easy as many people thought. Apart from the constant money contribution for practicals and the cooking, students have to contend with many annoying things that teachers of the subject did. Here are some of the most annoying ones:

1. Your food isn’t sweet but fill this plate

The teacher has just insulted your cooking by telling you the dish you slaved over for hours isn’t delicious. Then she (because food & nutrition teachers are always women) proceeds to big a deep flask for you to fill with your non-delicious food.

2. Taste testing

Food and nutrition teachers love to taste food especially if your food is something your class has never made before. But beware, she will probably eat all of it before it is ready.

3. How come your chicken/turkey is so small?

F&N teachers love meat. If you ever do a food practical and you’re using chicken/turkey/beef, trust the F&N teacher to complain about how small the meat is while still taking 70% of it. You will just be looking at her like:

4. Blaming you for mistakes

After giving you directions to follow, Food and Nutrition teachers will still blame you for any mistakes. But you gave me the directions?!!

5. Giving you list of people you must serve food to

Remember how she’s already taken 70% of your food, she will now tell you to serve the Principal and his vice as well as teachers in the staff room. Which one will you take home?

6. Make your parents angry

After all the money your parents paid for the practical, you will now come home with only one tiny plate of food because your teacher ate almost all of it. Trust African parents to get mad at you.

7. Rinse and repeat

Just get ready to repeat the entire thing your next food and nutrition practical.



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