7 Amazing Tyler Perry Movies You Should Watch

Tyler Perry has made some really great movies

The best thing about Tyler Perry’s movies is definitely Madea’s character. She will have you laughing, crying and howling all at the same time. I remember how stupid I felt when I realised that Madea was just Tyler Perry wearing a costume. LOL! Here are some of our favourite movies by Tyler Perry, in no particular order.


1.  Diary of a Mad Black Woman

This is the story of a woman who was abused by her husband but eventually found someone more deserving of her love. If you watch this movie, you’d feel a lot of emotions ranging from anger to happiness.  The bad husband also gets visited by Karma.


2. Madea’s Family Reunion

If you love happy endings, and love stories then this movie is for you. It chronicles the life of a single mother who eventually finds love with a handsome man and her sister who is set to marry a rich man that beats her. There’s a lot of family drama involved.


3. Meet The Browns

This one is really funny, and Madea does a lot of crazy stuff in it. It’s about a struggling single mum who finds out her estranged father is dead. She goes for the funeral, meets the other members of the family and falls in love.


4. Madea’s Big Happy Family

This movie is hilarious! It’s about a sick woman who asks Madea to help her kids love each other again. Each of the kids has different issues. The movie basically highlights the importance of family.


5. Temptation

This movie teaches the values of contentment. A woman who decides to cheat on her husband with a wealthy businessman ends up getting HIV.


6. Daddy’s little girls

This is about Monty (Idris Elba), a mechanic, who struggles to make ends meet and raise his three young daughters alone. When his drug-dealing ex-wife wins custody of the girls in court, he enlists the help of Julia (Gabrielle Union), a successful attorney, to get the girls back. Romance unexpectedly blooms between Monty and Julia. It’s a very sweet movie.



7. For colored girls

This tells the harrowing stories of the things that happen in different women’s lives everyday.


Written by southhow

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