6 Ways To Keep Your Liver Functioning Well

liver functioning well
Human liver

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body and it’s responsible for keeping toxins away from the body.

It helps break down fat by producing bile that helps to digest it (fat) so it can be easily absorbed by the small intestine.

Liver also helps to detoxify the body as well as store iron and vitamins, helps with metabolism amongst other things. It is a very important organ in the body and it can be kept in top shape with these simple ways:

1. By not drinking alcohol and smoking especially excessively. The liver works best and is kept healthy when smoking and alcohol are completely out of the way.

2. Eating food rich in Vitamin C which protects it (the liver)

3. Staying away from processed food especially diary and refined sugar.

4. Exercising daily and maintaining a healthy weight keeps it functioning well.

5. Include more liver cleaning foods including garlic, turmeric, broccoli, apples and more to help keep it in great shape.

6. Reduce salt intake and reduce excessive consumption of red meat/animal protein


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