These 6 Types Of Men You Should Never Marry

It is every girl’s ambition and dream to get a perfect prince charming that will sweep her off her feet and they get married and live happily ever after.

Welcome to planet earth. In real life, we have many opportunities to be disappointed because people are not perfect. However, this doesn’t mean that you lower your expectation.

You just need to get someone with whom you can grow together to be the perfect couple. There are however some traits in men that may make this an impossibility and a woman needs to avoid such:

1. Unambitious Man. This man has no definite goals to strive for and is comfortable in the status quo of staying in a bedsitter and keeping his job of messenger till retirement. This kind of person stifles creativity in a progress-minded woman. She will not enjoy such a marriage as her hopes and desire for growth and development will not be met. With lack of growth comes struggle and strife in life.

2. Addictions. Someone with addictions to drugs, soccer, sex or gambling poses a danger to the family. He will drag the family to a black hole of debt, disease and destruction. He needs to overcome his battles before beginning a family.

3. Mama’s Boy. The Man who still clings to his mum’s apron will make the woman to be subject to his mother as well. This leads to frustrations as the lady will not be able to be free and enjoy her marriage. The man will always be consulting the mother on everything related to the home. Usually, a third party to the marriage will not give constructive advise. Avoid such men until they grow up.

4. Control freak. This man who feels that he has to micromanage the wife is to be equally avoided. He will not allow her to blossom and be the great person God created her to be. He needs first to learn how to be secure and trusting her judgement. Before that happens, the home will be a source of pain and grief for the woman.

5. The push over. Unlike the control freak, the push over doesn’t take a stand on any matter and instead allows the woman to make all the decisions. The woman may like it at first but soon discovers that she has to make all the decisions and take full responsibility for the home. This man in a bid to please his woman leaves her to do all the decision making. This is a man to avoid as he refuses to play his role of a leader at the home and pull his weight.

6. Abusive man. A man who is emotionally and physically abusive makes the relationship unbearable. The lady feels like walking on egg shells every time she has to disagree. Such people can cause emotional and physical harm to the lady that may last all her life time.


Source: News24 Kenya


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