6 Things A Loyal Person Does For The Partner

Some people think being loyal means not cheating on their partner, but this is not all.

Loyalty is a necessary ingredient for healthy relationships. When you want to commit to someone, you want to be faithful to that person. Loyalty goes beyond fidelity. It means being honest to each other about thoughts and feelings, it means accomplish commitments together.

Are you and your partner being loyal to each other? Following we are showing you what to be loyal means in a relationship and in case you are not, how to become a loyal person:

Stay true to yourself
If you can’t be honest to yourself you will never be loyal. When you are disloyal to your partner you are just fooling yourself, no matter how smart you are hiding it. You have to be true, transparent, sincere and honest to yourself if you want to be truly loyal to your partner.

Share your thoughts and feelings
Loyalty is all about being honest to your partner. You can’t be loyal if you don’t want to share all your ideas, thought and feeling with you love one.

Don’t do something that you would hide from your partner
Anything that makes you feel the necessity of hiding it from your partner, is probably bad, and it is caressing the limit of being unfaithful. Loyalty means never hiding nothing and lying to your partner.

Stay next to your partner during good and bad moments.
You commit yourself to be next to that person, during sickness and health, during bad and good moments. Honor your words and promises. Remember to be the solid rock where your partner always can lean on.

Loyalty includes emotional fidelity
Loyalty is not only about physically cheating on your partner. If you create an emotional bond with someone, even in there is not physical intimacy, you are being disloyal too. So if you are getting to know someone secretly, flirting online, or you have fallen for someone else, you are cheating on your partner.

Never lie to your partner even with ‘small’ lies
The small lies you say are another way of being disloyal. Don’t hide how much that phone cost you, or that you are chatting with this special friend from high school, or how she looks wearing that dress, or being honest with your feelings, or that you don’t like the food she cooked for you… the loyalty comes in many forms.


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