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6 Simple Ways That Show Your Partner May Be Infertile

You can’t tell if a man’s barren just by taking a look at him, however it happens more as often as possible than you may suspect. Male barrenness represents about portion of the aggregate fruitlessness cases, reports the American Pregnancy Association, but individuals still consider fruitlessness as only a lady’s concern.

Keeping in mind the end goal to tell if your man can’t have babies, he’ll have to submit to a couple of straightforward restorative tests and be straightforward with you about variables throughout his life that may influence his ripeness.

Step 1

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Ask him if he’s had a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a male sterilization procedure that is sometimes reversible. If he’s had a vasectomy, it will need to be reversed before he can have children naturally.

Step 2

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Ask him to make an appointment with a urologist for a full fertility and medical history review and a physical exam, suggests the University of Maryland Medical Center. An initial physical exam can provide clues as to why he may be infertile.

Step 3

Ask him to schedule a semen analysis. A semen analysis entails checking his semen for amount, number of sperm and the sperm’s ability to move and swim. The specialist may also test his sperm’s ability to penetrate your egg, according to Planned Parenthood.

Step 4

Have his hormone levels tested. If the urologist or fertility specialist finds problems with his semen, he might want to see if hormone levels are the culprit. The doctor will take blood samples and check levels of testosterone and other necessary hormones.

Step 5

Ask him to have his urinary and reproductive tract checked for conditions such as retrograde ejaculation and tubal infections or abnormalities. The doctor may order a testicular biopsy, ultrasound or X-ray if he feels a mass or suspects a “plumbing problem,” according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Step 6

Talk with the doctor after all the evaluations have been completed to determine if your man is infertile or if he has a condition that can be treated with medication or surgery


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