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6 Reasons People Don’t Want To Get Married Nowadays

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According to reports, recent statistics have revealed that young couples are more likely to have children than get married. While older people in romantic relationships and almost past child bearing age are also trying to skip that marriage step.

happy married couplehappy married couple

Divorce rates have also soared higher than 50% around the world. The question now is, why is marriage gaining such a bad reputation among couples both young and old?

The truth is, a lot of people are having lesser and lesser faith in marriage because they feel it doesn’t give that kind of security anymore.

Inspired by Your Tango, here are 6 reasons people don’t want to get married nowadays

1. Couples don’t want to marry in order not to commit and maintain their freedom

2. People want partners who are with them no just because they are bound by marriage vows but by choice.

Couple getting marriedCouple getting married

3. They are already living together, why would they want to complicate it by getting married

4. People don’t want to share assets with anyone

A happy coupleA happy couple

5. People have been living alone for a long time and find it difficult to share a living space again.

6. People no longer trust the “for better or worse” promise any longer.

source: pulse.ng


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