How To Make Fitness FUN

People often ask me questions about getting fit. “How do I get started?” “How do I make sure that what I do will WORK this time?” “How do I keep from getting bored??” “How can I KEEP myself motivated?” What’s at the root of all of these questions is an underlying fear of failure. No one wants to start down a fitness path and NOT REACH THE GOAL. That’s only normal.

What I tell these folks, and what I will tell you, is that success in your fitness journey isn’t about what diet approach you choose. It’s not about what gym you belong to. It’s not about whether you decide to run, do yoga, crossfit, Zumba, boxing or any other activity. It’s not about spending endless hours working out and having no social life. It’s not about your age, your gender, or your history of success or failure.

You want to get fit? MAKE IT FUN. When you make fitness FUN, you’ll stick with it. When you stick with it, you’ll see success. When you see success, you become addicted, and you create more success. It becomes your lifestyle. Too many people start down their fitness journey as if they are punishing themselves. Wrong attitude. You don’t HAVE TO work out and eat healthy. YOU GET TO optimize your health, design your body and enjoy amazing food every day.

Here is what you need for fitness success, my friends, and YOU CAN DO THIS!

  1. Commitment
  2. Community
  3. Consistency
  4. FUN

1. Commitment. First, you HAVE TO GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME. So much of fitness is MENTAL—but up front you need to decide very specifically- what do you want, REALLY REALLY WANT (are you singing the Spice Girls yet? They are great for your playlist…see below). Don’t think “I want to lose some weight” (vague)- think about “I want to spend time this summer wearing a bikini proudly, not hiding behind a cover-up. I want to be able to go in to my closet and wear ANYTHING in there, not just 3 things that I feel cover up what bothers me.” – OR “I want to obtain a 2% body fat loss. I want to build lean muscle and specifically be really proud of my lean muscular arms.” Or “I want to weigh 135 lbs again and feel great about myself in my gym clothes and my day to day clothes.” When you have defined what you want with precise detail, that vision and commitment to it will keep you focused.
2. Community. START HANGING OUT WITH LIKE MINDED FRIENDS. This is why I founded FitFluential, to give everyone a place to feel welcome- to find other people that are as dedicated as they are to improving their health and wellness. You WILL have bad days. You WILL fall off the wagon. You WILL miss a workout. But when you are surrounded by friends that are in this journey with you- they will support you and help you through the tough times and, most importantly, ensure you don’t quit. We hear this every week from folks successfully reaching their goals—that the COMMUNITY keeps them motivated and keeps them from giving up. You must surround yourself with motivating and supportive friends.
3. Consistency. Simple. Too many people give up too soon. It’s easy to do. But if you focus on STICKING WITH IT – whatever your workout plan is, whatever your diet approach is, and no matter what—even if you fall off the plan- you KEEP GOING- you will succeed. I have been very guilty in years past of giving up and starting over—too often. The only way to fail, is to QUIT. Keep moving and getting better- at whatever it is you do, every day.
4. FUN. Fitness should not be a punishment or a chore. Too many people approach it that way and it never works. Choose FUN activities (hint: the world is your gym; you don’t have to only get on a treadmill to get fit!! Mix it up!! Most of the successfully fit people have a diverse range of activity they practice every week.) and try new things—it’s also great for your social life!! Today there are more fitness options—classes, excursions, clubs and apps—there is no excuse to not dive in and make this an ADVENTURE. Fitness is FUN. If it’s not, you’re not doing it right.

The title of my post is “How to Make Fitness Fun.” When I think about what makes my fitness lifestyle FUN, one of the KEY FACTORS has always been MUSIC. There is a fun meme on Pinterest about how awful it is to show up at the gym and have left your music behind. So true. Working out in silence- running in silence, it’s just wrong. MUSIC transforms you and can GET YOU IN THE MOOD to move and sweat and KEEP YOU FIRED UP to push it out until the end.

I’ve said it often—if I ever feel unmotivated to do my workout one day, my cure is simple. I turn on my workout playlist, hear one song and typically- that’s all it takes. Music just fires me up and gets me in the mood to SWEAT!

Want to make sure you are set for FUN with your fitness soundtrack? Then you will likely be as obsessed as I am with this new release by TomTom.  

TomTom Spark Cardio+Music – HELLO FUN. First of all, I’m a cardio addict so this had me at hello, I mean cardio. Then you add music- and let’s just say, music, makes the people come together…you know, Madonna said so. (Another great song for your playlist by the way—Music by Madonna) This new fitness watch offers all-day activity tracking, multi-sport capability, GPS, heart rate monitoring and storage for up to 500 songs all in one device on your wrist. DO YOU WANT TO MARRY THIS THING OR WHAT? Hello—– this is pretty epic and amazing and you will have SO MUCH MORE FUN with your workouts when you have a fitness tracker—TRUST ME. I cannot tell you how much my training changed when I started using them over 8 years ago!! You must TREAT YOSELF and get one now!

And because I shared with you how vital I feel AWESOME TUNES are for a workout and for motivation and mood—here are some of my favorite songs that get me going. What are your favorites?

Playlist Musts:

  1. Indestructible by Disturbed
  2. Follow You Home by Nickelback (no haters please)
  3. That’s Not My Name by the Ting Tings
  4. Music by Madonna
  5. And the Beat Goes On Medley by Madonna/Kanye
  6. We Own It by Wiz Khalifa
  7. Stronger by Britney Spears
  8. Untouched by The Veronicas

People. Fitness is fun, and you can make it that way. Are you ready for it?

source: PCWORLD


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