5 Ways Husbands Hurt Their Wives Without Even Knowing

A woman’s heart is very tender and fragile and can be easily bruised by the people she loves especially her husband, there are things men do unknowingly that hurt their wives and kill their marriage. Listed below are some of those things.

1. Cutting her out of discussions

Marriage is a partnership so once you start acting like she is not relevant when you are discussing something important or cutting her off from a serious discussion then she starts feeling detached and irrelevant and your marriage will suffer.

2.Not complimenting her

Women love compliments, they want you to notice every tiny detail or change about their makeup, hairstyle, house decorations etc. Every woman wants her husband to compliment and appreciate her look, once you don’t you are hurting her.

4. Talking Her Down
Talking down on your wife will only make her feel less of herself and will automatically hurt her pride and her self-esteem as well as her spirit which will have an adverse effect on your marriage.


5. Admiring other women

When you start admiring another woman over her, it will hurt her. Women notice every little thing when a glance turn to stare she will surely notice and it will start demoralising her gradually.

6. Acting suspiciously around her

Acting suspiciously around her, when you start hoarding information from her even if it is to protect her, hiding your phones etc then you are unknowingly hurting her.


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