5 Ways Of Getting Her To Love You More

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1. TRY BEING MORE SMARTER WHEN AROUND HER: Ladies love smart and intelligent dudess. You don’t really need to betextbook smart. A little trivia about random things here and there will help do the trick. To keep a girl you should first know how to keep an interesting conversation.

1. TRY COOKING FOR HER: You don’t need a cooking degree to do this. There’s something about guys cooking or making for food that makes them a major turn on. Be more adventurous, Google simple but unique dishes. You can invite her to come over to cook with you. Walk her through the steps and tell her what the inspiration for todays menu is. It’s a great weekend date in my own opinion.

3. ALSO BE YOURSELF: Never pretend to be someone else just to impress her. The charade will wear you out and you’d need to eventually show your true self. Any relationship based on lies doesn’t really have a high percentage of a happy ending.  If you really like this girl then she should be source of inspiration. You should be motivated to be a better version of yourself. That’s different from pretending to be someone different.


4. TRY MEETING HER FRIENDS: Be open to the idea of meeting her circle. If you’re offered to join a night out with them, be flattered — this is an absolutely good sign. This means that she thinks you’re worth the time and she wants her girlfriends to see for themselves. Pro-tip: Be nice to everyone and interact with them. Show your fun-loving side and who knows, you might get the seal of approval.

5. INTRODUCE HER TO YOUR FRIENDS: Now, it’s your turn. Introduce her to your squad. Doing this makes every girl feel super special. Guys are known to be very private when it comes to heart matters even with their friends so if he brings someone in, both the girl and his “homies” would know that there’s something exceptional going on.




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