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5 Ways You Can Make The Best Of A Work Vacation

One way to know that you are doing your work vacation all wrong is to return and find yourself tired and frustrated rather than refreshed and ready to get back to work with all the vigor of a new employee.

Work vacations are necessary to take a breather and generate new ideas and also vital to rest and take care of your health both mentally and physically. There is no heroism in not taking vacation days. In fact, it shows a decided lack of understanding of work-life balance. So take that work vacation.

Actually Disconnect

On a work vacation, you have to actually disconnect. It would be silly to go on a vacation and keep working. Although that may not be your plan, it is easy to be pulled in by emails and calls asking for little favors if you are not careful.

This defeats one of the major reasons for taking a vacation from work which is to take a break from all the brain flooding where data in the form of emails, phone messages, and other documentation keep you hopped up and on edge. On a vacation, you should allow new ideas and exotic vistas strengthen the neural connections and stimulate mental activity.

Don’t Stray Too Far From A Normal Schedule

While on your work vacation, as much as you are resting and taking a break, you should try to maintain a reasonable schedule. If you would normally wake up by 6 am to make it to work, it would be self-defeatist to suddenly allow yourself fall into a pattern of 8 am and 10 am wake up times.

If you do that your body clock may find it pretty hard to adjust again when you do start work and this may result in you being grumpy and constantly rushed for time when you get back.

Indulge In Your Hobbies

A vacation is the best time to indulge in your hobbies. If you like writing or singing or even reading you may not have enough time to indulge in those hobbies when you are hemmed in by work but during a work vacation, you should have more time.

Doing things that you enjoy and are passionate about actually helps you to stay inspired and refreshed.

Eat And Exercise Well

Chances are that your work has you stationary at a desk most of the time and although it is ideal to actually eat and exercise all year round, now that you have a break it should be a very serious goal which will keep you healthy enough to enjoy your vacation and in tip-top shape when you go back to work.

Don’t Return On A Monday

Eventually, your vacation will come to an end and no matter how much you have enjoyed it and actually gotten some rest in, it is a good idea to give yourself a soft landing as you go back to work. Schedule your return to work on a Wednesday or a Friday so you are not immediately swamped by work demands that will undo all the wellness you should have derived from your work vacation.

Ease back into work slowly so you do not get tired and frustrated again before you have even really returned.


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