5 Useful Things You Can Do With A Pool Noodle

Pool noodles are a cheap and effective way to stay afloat when swimming in summer, but what can you do with them the rest of the year?

Pool noodles are cylindrical pieces made from buoyant polyethylene foam and can be found at virtually any pool shop or multipurpose department store.

They are affordable and can come in handy in more ways than one.

1. Keep your boots from flopping

Why not use your pool noodle to keep your winter boots upright?

All you have to do is cut your pool noodle into two or three pieces, pop them into your boots and voila, they can stand upright.

2. Organise your extension cords

Extension cords lying everywhere can be a pain.

A really effective way of storing them neatly is by slicing your pool noodle open from top to bottom and putting your cords inside. The noodle will coil around them.

3. Keep your pants from creasing

When you’ve ironed your pants and hung them up, sometimes the fold creates a crease.

Cut the pool noodle in half and then cut one-half open from top to bottom and place it over the bottom of the hanger so that it coils. Now fold your pants over the hanger and this should prevent them from creasing.

4. Use them as a cup warmer/holder

Pool noodles can come in handy when used as cup warmers or holders. All you have to do is cut one to the size of an average cup and make the hole inside bigger to fit your cup.

5. Keep that draft from under your door away

In winter, a cold draft can come into your house through many different gaps. A pool noodle cut along the top and placed underneath the door could prevent this.


Written by How South Africa

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