5 Uncommon Ways To Live Longer

Things such as exercise, a healthy diet are a great way to live longer. However, there are certain uncommon strategies that you could incorporate in extending your lifespan. Here are 5 tips to help:

  • Alcohol: Scientific studies showed that moderate drinking is linked to low mortality rate, while a lack of alcohol totally raises a person’s risk of dying. The study also showed that mortality rates among people who don’t drink alcohol are actually higher than those of hardcore alcoholics. However, moderation and red wine are important.

  • Sex: Scientific Study has shown that sexual activity has a “protective effect” on health. Though the study features additional evidence to support the idea that women benefit from more frequent encounters, also. The study further shows that men who achieve frequent orgasms can raise life expectancy by 3-8 years and lower mortality risk by about 50 percent.

  • Shopping: A study discovered that shopping regularly decreases mortality rates for men and women. This doesn’t mean you should spend carelessly. The benefits of shopping have to do with walking and socialising

  • Laughter: Norwegian scientists have disclosed that those who inject humor into their lives can increase their lifespans by as much as 8 years. Moderate laughter aids in keeping blood vessels elastic. Hysterical laughter can over-exert the body’s organs, which can accelerate certain health conditions or biological defects.

  • Love the curve: Scholars at Oxford University discovered that women with larger hips, bottoms and thighs have a lower risk for heart and metabolic diseases. Apparently, when fat lives in the hips and derriere, it helps absorb fatty acids that can lead to the arteries being clogged.

source: pulse.ng


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