5 Tips On How To Handle A Jealous Partner

Jealousy in a romantic relationship may disguise itself as ‘cute possessiveness’ but in the end it is one of the easiest ways to kill the love, trust and understanding that binds a couple.

Though it is believed that women have a higher tendency to go green with envy when their partner seems to be paying a little too much attention to another lady, men are not immune to it sting either.

Probably you have noticed that your partner has become a bit more possessive and almost similar to a monitoring spirit recently or has even taken to making nasty comments about your male acquaintances, then most likely he is feeling jealous.

A lot of things can trigger this in a man and make him extra watchful where you are concerned. Maybe you have started paying a bit more attention to a guy or he feels threatened by your interactions with other men, it is up to you to you to allay his fears and get rid of his suspicions.

Overall, jealousy does not have to harm your love-life as long as you handle it with maturity and with proper communication. Here are tips to guide you

  1. Talk about your partner’s fears and anxiety

If you feel your partner’s jealousy is having a negative effect on your relationship, the best thing to do is sit them down and talk about it. While talking about it, ensure you are listening to them and willing to make adjustments where necessary. Also you need to let them know how their jealousy makes you feel but do not belittle, shame or make fun of their feelings while doing that.

  1. Don’t get on the defensive if they accuse you

Talking about jealousy can quickly spiral into a full blown misunderstanding if not handled properly. If your partner accuses you wrongly of contributing to his jealousy in one way or another, calmly listen first before clarifying things. Explain how his assumption is not true and reveal the true picture of things without getting into an argument with him.

  1. Show extra affection

Following your discussion up with more loving attention is a good way to reassure your partner that he has nothing to worry about. Even though his jealousy may not feel rational to you, showing that your feelings remains the same will help him get over himself faster. On the other hand, if the jealousy is an unhealthy one where you have tried over and over again to convince him of the truth to no avail, this may be a good time to take a break from each other.

  1. Create Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a great way to avert future occurrence of boundaries. Probably you both have never discussed what you are comfortable with while with other people, now would be a good time to do so. This way you are both aware of what your partner is comfortable with when dealing with the opposite sex.

  1. Be available and responsive

Even though your partner will have to deal with his jealousy on his own and get over it, being responsive and available this period will make the process faster.


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