Here Are 5 Things Your Wife Isn’t Telling You

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According to Huffington Post, relationship coaches and marriage therapists were asked to share the most common complaints of women who are feeling discontented in their marriages.

Are married women really happy in their marriages? Sometimes it’s the little things that make them really happy and content enough to keep their homes together.

Inspired by Huffington Post, here are 5 things your wife isn’t telling you:

1. She wants a partner who can be trusted completely

Your wife doesn’t want to worry as you go about your daily activities. She doesn’t want headaches over whom you are texting at night or who you flirt with when she’s not with you. A woman is secured when she completely trusts that her husband is faithful.

2. She wants to hear a ‘thank you’ for the things she does everyday

Undermining her duties as a wife and home keeper will breed more resentment. Your wife doesn’t like to be taken for granted which means noticing the things she does and a little appreciation such as saying ‘thank you’ would make her day better.

3. She wants a partner who is aware of her needs and wants

It’s not just about remembering her birthdays or anniversaries, but noticing the little things she does, you can tell when she’s in a good mood or having a bad day. You don’t have to read her mind to know these things and when you notice, you try to do something to make her feel better.

4. She wants you to help out with the kids without her asking

She wants combined parental upbringing for the kids. Wives want their husband to be willing to help the kids with their work or babysit when the need arises and do it with kindness and patience.

5. She wants to be seen as imperfect sometimes

Wives want to be seen as not being perfect all the time. She wants to be cheered up by her spouse when she’s falling apart. She wants to be reminded that there’s a shoulder to lean on. She wants someone who supports her through and through.



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