5 Things You May Not Know About The New Police Commissioner

While much has been said about newly appointed National Police Commissioner Lieutenant-General Khehla Sitole, there are a few facts about him that people may not know

Sitole is well-known in police ranks and has been lauded for his experience in operational policing.

However, here are a few facts about him that may not be well-known:

– He has been a long-standing member of the police service, joining over 30 years ago in 1986;

– In 2013, disgraced former Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega appointed him Deputy Commissioner for Policing Operations;

– He has attended advanced management development programmes;

– He has also attended advanced financial management programmes and

– He has held several senior positions, including that of Provincial Commissioner in the Free State.

President Jacob Zuma announced the appointment of Sithole as South Africa’s new National Police Commissioner on Thursday.

“Born in Standerton in Mpumalanga, General Sithole brings a wealth of operational and management experience to the SAPS. He has grown through the ranks of the police, having joined the service as a constable until his promotion to Lieutenant-General in 2011,” Zuma’s office said in a statement.

According to the statement from the Presidency, Sithole joined the police as a student constable in 1986 and in the same year was promoted to sergeant. He came up through the ranks, getting a promotion every two years until becoming a major in 1992.

Sithole became a lieutenant-colonel in 1995, a director in the police service in 1996 and served as Assistant Police Commissioner in three provinces from 2000-2010.

In 2013, Phiyega appointed Sithole as Deputy National Commissioner responsible for policing operations. He moved to the post of Divisional Commissioner responsible for protection and security services last year.


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