5 Signs You Are Both Ready For Marriage

happy couple

Here you both are. You have been in a relationship for quite some time and now the big M word has come up, Marriage. Before you both decide to make the big leap, check out the following signs that prove you are certainly ready to do so.

You love yourself

There is no better feeling than knowing who you are and what you want. Have you ever heard the saying, “You cannot love anyone else until you can love yourself.” When people are insecure about themselves, it becomes innate to fill those insecurities through the validity of someone else. You try to compensate for what you deem to be your lack of worth by finding someone who will make you feel as though you are worth everything. The problem with this is that you then become dependent on someone else. Once they show any small sign of stray, you question yourself and the relationship. When you love yourself, you become independent in the relationship. You see your own worth and realize that a relationship is about two people contributing and enhancing one another’s lives versus depending on one another. So, if you both have these attributes, then you are ready to commit permanently.


You can see your partner in the future.

When you think about your future, is your partner a part of it? It seems so simple but it is very important. As you mature, your life will change and move forward. If you see yourself moving to another city or taking on family, you should be able to imagine your potential spouse alongside you in that foresight. It is also okay if you both have talked about it several times, but have not really solidified a plan. The good thing is that you both have considered “til death do us part” at some points in the relationship and have also began working out plans to get there and stay there.

You have comfortable conversations about money.

Divorce rates and causes have two majority reasons: adultery or financial problems. When it comes to financial issues, those are a little easier to strategize through than adultery. You both should be very clear and comfortable when it comes to talking about money. Both parties should be part of the budgeting process and whether you choose to keep separate accounts or not, equally contributing and being fair with one another is extremely important.


You have positive relationships with friends and loved ones.

Another part of being in a healthy and longstanding relationship is one that can survive when you both are not always with one another. Couples that are joined at the hip 24/7 are definitely more doomed than they are to live in holy matrimony. Sustaining positive relationships with friends and loved ones on a regular basis will help keep your own love affair happy and healthy. Having only each other to rely on makes for a very small support system. Your friends and your loved ones can serve as additional shoulders to lean on, especially if you need a break from your significant other every now and then.


You are not concerned what the other is doing when you each are not around.

You both are completely comfortable and okay with one another going out with friends and on getaway trips. Instead, you encourage each other to go out to take the load off and sustain those healthy relationships outside your own coupleship. The real test is that you are not only okay with them being gone for a few days, but that you are completely ecstatic when they return.

Now, there is no magic bullet to ensure that your marriage will last a lifetime. Both parties need to be ready to make that big commitment. If all of these signs apply to you AND you are certain that you are the one for each other, then by all means; start sending out those Save The Dates.


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