Here are 5 Signs you are About to Lose Your Job


Nothing is as stressing and damaging as losing a job without notice. Which is why you must learn to read the signs of danger lest you are thrown out of the office like a bag of potatoes. Here is how to find out if your job is at risk.

Your workload shrinks: If your boss gives you fewer projects and responsibilities yet you have not complained about workload, or become ill, you have every reason to be worried. It gets even worse if your workload has been assigned to your junior staffers. See, you are no longer needed in the chain of command.

You are overlooked: You are suddenly no longer invited to important meetings. Meetings you previously were part of. This is an indication that your relevance in the company is slowly fading.

Poor reviews: Have you received a series of poor reviews from your colleagues, seniors and clients too? Well, this could be a warning sign to rethink your work strategy and interpersonal relationships.

Your colleagues could be having a tough time dealing with you because you are not a team player. It gets worse when you are asked to take a leave of absence following the reviews.

Too busy for you: News travel fast. Bad news at that. If one of your co-workers got wind of your situation, they may generally avoid you for various reasons.

One of which is fear of being seen as your accomplice by the seniors or just not knowing how to behave around you when they know what your future in the company looks like.

You need help: When the company brings in someone to ‘help’ you with your work. It could either mean that your boss is looking to promote you, or your job is at risk.

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