5 Shocking Moments From ‘9 Shots’

Khuli Chana released an artistically graphic video for his song, ‘9 Shots.’ We compiled some of the most shocking moments from this South African Hip Hop Awards winner.


Since he won the Milestone Award at the South African Hip Hop Awards which aired on e.tv last December, Khuli Chana has been biding his time with his big return to the music industry. Now he’s back with a brand new sizzling single, ‘Umahamba Yedwa.’ This single is likely to be off his forthcoming album.

However, last year, he released ‘9 Shots’ – a song detailing how he felt after almost losing his life when he was shot by members of the South African police service who mistook him for a criminal. He put the song up for free download back then and yesterday he released the music video. If ‘9 Shots’ is anything to go by, Khuli has upped his visuals game.

The song is produced by fellow Morafe-member, Towdee Mac and the video was directed by Kyle Lewis who has worked with Tumi and Toya Delazy.

Here are 5 moments from ‘9 Shots’ that made us go: woah!

1. When blood started dripping down someone’s hands we knew this video meant business.

Khuli Chana 9 Shots video

2. When he says “bigger fish to fry/I got shot Marikana-style” and this image pops up.

Khuli Chana 9 Shots video

3. When Khuli turns his back to images of a pig’s head and sirens flashing.

Khuli Chana 9 Shots video

4. When naked black men are seen to be pleading with Lady Justice.

Khuli Chana 9 Shots video

5. When he narrates his feelings to make a video commenting on society even more personal.

Khuli Chana 9 Shots video

Source: Beat Buzz


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