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5 Reasons You Might End Up Being Ugly In The Near Future


In this video the presenter discusses why you’re ugly… or why you could become less handsome in the near future. Some of the reasons include

1. You smoke or do drugs: they both age you exponentially and make you look like sh!t and contribute to wrinkles, stained teeth, tooth loss.

2. Not taking care of your teeth: go in for regular cleanings every 6 months. Invest in your teeth.

3. Eating like shit: you are what you eat (high saturated fat, high sodium, processed). Your body and skin suffer the consequences of eating like crap. Eat clean and well-balanced.

4. Not exercising: moving your ass correlates with looking good. Strive to being active daily.

5. Take care of your skin: use sunscreen and develop a basic skin care routine. Wash am / pm, exfoliating twice a week, and moisturizing am / pm. More advanced skin care includes eye cream and anti-aging serum. These steps keep you looking good into the future.




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