5 Phrases That Guys Love To Hear From The View Of A Man

We all know that all men aren’t the same and that everyone has their own tastes and attractions. But there are some things that are universal. And these includes:

#1: I feel so safe around you.
Men want to feel like the knight in shining armor. So when you tell us that you feel protected around us, immediately we feel like you’re the woman we want to be around.

#2: Show admiration for the traits that not everybody sees in him.
If you notice that he’s kind, even when he doesn’t need to be, say that to him. “I love how kind you are, even when nobody else is looking.” What he now realizes is that you see the best in him. Not just on the surface, but on a deeper level too.

#3: Compliment his style, not his looks.
No it’s not that us men don’t like being complimented on our looks. But think about this, he chose his style. So when you say to him, “I really love the way you dress. Your style is so cool.” In that moment, you’re complimenting a decision he’s made about his image.

#4: Show you believe in him.
The next time he has a challenge or something particularly difficult to deal with, say to him, “I know you can do this. You’ll be able to deal with this. You can deal with anything.” When you say that, you show him that you’re the one who really sees his potential and can be his greatest champion.

#5: Asking a guy for a favor.
And you can do this with someone you just met. You can be in a coffee shop grabbing coffees for you and your friends, and turn to the guy next to you and say, “I could use your help with something. Could you hold my jacket for two seconds while I give these to my friends?” In that moment although you’re the one who approached him, he feels like he’s doing an act of kindness for you, which plays to his chivalrous instincts.


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