5 Minor Skin Problems That Could Signal Critical Health Issue

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Did you know that something as small as a pimple could be a tell-tale sign of cancer. When it comes to your body, it is very easy to notice when something is different: either you can feel it or you can see it.

So when a new pimple pops up on our chin, most people usually think nothing of it just hoping it will go away soon. However, something as little as a pimple could signal a much bigger health issue that needs to be addressed ASAP. Below are five small skin things that could mean something much more critical.

Your eyebrows are thinning: Thinning brows can be the sign of an underachieve thyroid gland, which is relatively easy to fix. A dermatologist will most likely recommend oral medication to restore your thyroid hormone levels and your brows will start growing back slowly.

A pimple that won’t go away or bleeds when you touch it: If you have a pimple that won’t dry up even after a few weeks and bleeds when you pick it, it could be a form of skin cancer. Apart from cancer, the pimple could also be a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), a bacterial infection which is resistant to many forms of antibiotics.

A patch of dry skin even moisturizer won’t fix: If you have been moisturizing well for a long period and you are still left with rough patches on your skin, it could be a pre-cancer signal called actinic keratosis. It usually appears on the ear, face or scalp and other places that have been exposed to the sun, a dermatologist would be able to diagnose it on the spot and start you on the treatments which can destroy the cells.

You have a mark under your toenail that is not growing out: Marks can appear under your toenails for a number of reasons but if it is not growing out, you should see a dermatologist. It can be a sign of melanoma, and there is a good chance your doctor will biopsy the spot to be sure.

You have chapped lips that won’t heal: Sweet harmattan, while we all love any excuse to get curled up or just spend all day in bed, you can’t help but dislike how harmattan drys out your skin – especially your lips. If your lips have been particularly bad and different lip ointment won’t do the trick after 4-8 weeks of application, it could boil down to pre-cancerous lesions caused by sun exposure. Research warned that since most men don’t wear lip balms or lipsticks with sunscreen in them every day like most women do, they stand a greater risk for developing this condition.


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