5 Kinds Of Communication Needed In Every Relationship

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Communication is key in any relationship. It is what starts and keeps successful courtship and marriages.

Couples should learn to communicate well which will help them make the best of what they can offer each other to get what they want.

Inspired by Lifehack, here are 5 kinds of communication needed in every relationship:

1. Nonverbal communication

From facial expressions to body positioning, even a certain kind of movement is a non-verbal communication. Couples who understand this kind of unspoken communication get along better in their relationship.

2. Emotional communication

When emotional communication is lost a relationship is doomed. Emotional communication tells you a lot about your partner and how you can solve issues whenever they arise.

3. Verbal communication

This is one sure way to have either a negative or positive communication experience with your partner. Whatever you say to each other can either make or break your relationship.

4. Auditory communication

Listening is a way to communicate effectively with your partner. Giving your partner your ears will help you meet them at their point of need which they’ll really appreciate about you; it’ll also give you an idea on how to respond whenever a discussion is going on.

5. Optical communication

The eye is the window of the soul. It simply means you see your partner for who they truly are than an outsider would. You see their faces when they talk, how their body reacts to you and other little things you’ll remember for a long time. When you and your partner look at each other, the unsaid words are spoken directly to your souls.

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